In many countries, robots have already been a part of the economy in different spheres and the service industry has yet to integrate robotics to a significant extent. That will be changing soon for the different services. Robots are now available to perform a number of cleaning functions, presenting a promising alternative to costly human labor for anything from cleaning services to shopping.


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What can we offer

Our company based as a system integrator in the robotics field provides on the UAE market industrial robots for the full cleaning service cycle for large spaces such as malls, offices and industrial buildings, airports, education building and healthcare centres, as well as High intellectual drones, Vending Machine and Solar Panel Cleaning Robot.

Robots is developing in accordance with modern design and assembling from high-quality innovative materials purchased from the best vendors worldwide. Testing and approbation period shows good technical characteristics including high flexibility and full autonomy.


Using the LOOTECH robots, you will get:

Cost saving: LOOTECH Bots do not require the salary, accommodation fees, social compensation or visa. Having the higher productivity, better quality you will pay even less for cleaning services. High Productivity: LOOTECH Bots introduce a new level of efficiency that human cleaners are simply incapable of attaining due to inherent limits of human productivity; a person can only mop so many square feet per hour. Our Bots may indeed be the future of to perform time-consuming tasks day after day. Quality of services: LOOTECH intellectual Bots are high efficient and direct the power for large territory cleaning such as malls, airports, schools, universities and other public facilities.

Simplicity in use: For LOOTECH Bot Operational maintenance requires only once per week. Our bots do not require the constant controlling supervisor to monitor the work. Independence: charging station allow LOOTECH Bot to work almost independently. As the installed device is used for taking off the wastewater, filling out the clean water as well as charging the battery. Technology: New high technology innovative smart solution for smart people!